Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Shower of Blessings

Though I've never " gone without " in my lifetime
or now, have many houses or cars to call my very own
I am blessed, yet , in all the things I've been given
and, its all because of Jesus Christ, alone.

He has given me such abundance
with every thing that I might ever need
while showing me how to walk in faith and trusting
while my faith grows stronger than a tiny mustard seed.

Yes, my God is a God of blessings
He teaches me about His abundant Love
And while He showers me with His Kindness
He also lets me know, all I have, comes from Him above.

So when I think I need more provision
and I feel life's ends will never meet
I know our Lord is my Jehovah Jireh
and all I have to do is leave my prayers at Jesus' feet

And He will hear my prayers in asking
while listening for my praise to reach his heart
and when I acknowledge that He is my Great Provider
it 's then His awesome blessings will then begin to start.

That's when His love, and joy comes flowing
when peace settles deep into my heart and soul
and going without the things I think I need
reminds me, that only Jesus will make me full.

Yes, my God is a God of Blessing
Oh how He provides such deep abundant Love
And while He showers me with Riches of His Glory
His Fullness lets me know what Heaven will be like up above.


Kara Ashley said...

I enjoyed this poem because, in our lives of abundance, we still do need to remember who gives it all to us. Thank you!

karen hopkins said...

You are most welcome, Kara. Blessings to you!