Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reveal in Me, O Lord... Secret Sin

Lord God, here I am today, when I am weak
Oh come and give me strength to face my sin
Lead me to drink from the Living Well of Hope
where I will find Redemption, deep within.

Lord, Shine Your lamp in this darkness , Lord
and touch my blinded eyes so that I can see
Come show me where there are hidden secrets , God
Reveal them in my home, or deep inside of me.

I know that there is mercy for me
And Lord, I know there is grace that I can know
And where there is Your forgiveness for me to receive
Lord, let Your cleansing in me, begin to flow

Oh that there is grace ahead
yes, Your Mercy was surrendered just for me
where forgiveness, love and Power have one day , stood
It was there O God, that you came to set me free

Lord , won't You be the bridge across this pain
Lord , I need You to be the safety in this wind
I need to know the Shelter of Your peaceful rest
Oh Lord, come nearer, and fill me from within

Father , make my mind to be like Yours
and by the Spirit , may my secrets be opened wide
please let your Strength come to fall all over me
Lord , reveal things that I might not know I even hide

O Lord, You are full of Power and Truth
You're soothing , like a gentle song in the dark of night
and in those things that come to break me God,
Lord, come and surround me with Your peace and light

Yes, just let me come, and rest in You
oh how I need to lay my secrets at Your feet
in the time when others have seen me strong
Lord, this is a burden You know I don't want to keep

Just come nearer, oh so nearer , Lord
and lead me to the place where I can come and rest
It's in Your comforting arms that enfolds me , Lord
oh draw me nearer, into your waiting chest.

Yes, just come to me, my Holy God
You are the Gentle Shepherd who calls my name
lead me to the place where I can find You , Lord
and reveal in me, things that are hidden because of shame.

Yes, just come nearer, Lord, come nearer still
Oh how I Long to come before Your Throne
and in that place where I can come before you , God
its there - where I know I will never walk alone.


Mike Bullock said...


I'm wrestling with the ice cream
Inside this soft scoop box
My spoon is bent,my patience spent
I'm trying to outfox
The barrier before me
To get my just dessert
I'll hack at that unyielding mass
No matter what the hurt.

But hey,where is my patience
Why don't I let it melt
Surely it will taste the same
If time and me both dwelt
Perhaps this is my problem
Too hasty in my ways
A Martha living in my skin
To be a Mary pays.

So if I wait upon The Lord
Instead of rushing it
And let us melt together
In a fusion,we will knit
A tasty time of bonding
And one that satisfies
Oh Lord,please give me patience
To delight in Your surprise.


When you’re deep in the mire
And you start to perspire
The devil is laughing at you
You have gone your own way
Now you’re starting to pay
And there doesn’t seem any way through.

You have led your own life
And it’s ended in strife
But you’re too proud to ask for some aid
It can only get worse
As you scream and you curse
You are feeling alone and afraid.

The answer is clear
There is One who is near
And He’s ready to take all the weight
You must swallow your pride
And in Him must confide
Before you leave it too late.

So give up the fight
Relax, be contrite
Ask Jesus back into your world
Let Him sort you out
Rejoice and be stout
Let His future for you be unfurled.


A whisper comes into your brain
Planted as a septic grain
Radiating waves of doubt
Thoughts you can do nowt about
Worthiness goes down the pan
Condemnation paints a tan
Down into the mire you go
Goodbye Jesus, cheerio.

As you sink into despair
No one loves you, no one cares
All these lies are buried deep
By the past that loves to weep
Blame and allegations rant
Feel just like a cabbage plant
Wish that you could disappear
Even God, you don’t want near.

He will wait until you’re spent
Limp and cried out, buckled, bent
He will wait until you call
Arms outstretched to catch your fall
Dry your tears and mop your brow
Sit you down and show you how
Through His Son you can arise
From the ashes of your demise.

Kara Ashley said...

Hey Karen! Nice poem. I love how your poetry reads like a prayer. It reminds me of Psalms.

karen hopkins said...

thanks kara.. Sometimes, my heart can't verbally express what I want to tell the Lord, so it usually comes out in my poetry.. seems easier sometimes ya know?
Hope it has blessed you in some way..

Carol Penhorwood said...

Mike Bullock, love your poems!!!! Right to the point and soooo expressive! Especially appreciated "MIRE". Please keep on writing. Like you, I have just posted some writing under "Comments" in the last few days and would appreciate some review. I hope I am able to become a regular contributor.

I really like your writing!!!!!

Carol Penhorwood

Kathryn Darden said...

Nice to see we have some new writers jumping in!