Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Poems

Summer is drawing to a close, and I see we already have one nice Autumn poem posted! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so I have a special fondness for fall poems. Before you know it, it will be time for Thanksgiving poems and then Christmas!

As you submit poems, please be thinking of which poems you can post for fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But as always, all Christian themes are welcome. And remember to leave feedback for other writers. We all like to receive feedback, so be sure to give it.

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Carol Penhorwood said...

Here's a Christmas poem for you:


We're told that there were wise men
Who traveled from afar,
Who sought this One, the King of Jews,
Were guided by a star.

They came with gifts to worship Him
Though these men were not Jews,
Their gold and frankincense and myrrh
Were such strange gifts to choose.

And yet, perhaps, we too should bring
These same gifts to our King,
They represent all that we are
To which we often cling.

Our gold, our money, all we own
To which we hold so tightly,
Are really treasures straight from God
That we must hold more lightly.

For every good and perfect gift
Comes to us from above,
Provision for our every need,
An evidence of love.

And frankincense, a rare perfume,
Our lives should represent,
A walking advertisement,
Our lives should bear His scent.

And myrrh is oft symbolic
Of suffering and pain,
And though through troubles we must
Enduring's not in vain.

These gifts thus truly symbolize
There's nothing we withhold,
So if we would fulfillment find,
Follow the wise of old.

Carol A. Penhorwood