Monday, September 28, 2009

Jesus is the Great I Am..

When the day is dark and lonely
and I have Jesus to walk by my side
I know I can always snuggle up to Him
because in His love, I can abide.

Its when I feel this weak and weary
in doing all that I seem to need to do
but I will rise up with the Strength You give
because I know I am held closer, Lord, to You

You have reached down with your peace, O Lord
and come closer, as You touch me, this I know
Its when You take each heavy burden away
that I know You have always loved me so..

Even when I feel that I have no Power, Lord
and I don't think I have strength to stand
Its then when you remind me of Your Truth
that you are my God, and " The Great I Am"..

So I will once again, reach out to You
and ask for help in all things I can't control
for I know You are the King of Kings
and to You, Lord, all my praise, I will extol.


Tom Valles said...

Wonderful poem! He IS the Great I Am as you beautifully described.

Carol Penhorwood said...

I really appreciate this poem. It speaks to me especially because I have fibromyalgia (a condition which causes widespread pain and extreme fatigue) and I can really relate. I hope to become a contributor also so that my poetry can also encourage and support others. Thank you.

Kathryn Darden said...

Thanks for another great poem, Karen. Carol, I saw where you posted your submissions and have responded!

karen hopkins said...

Carol, I am quite familiar with Fibroymyalgia, as 3 friends of mine struggle with it as well. All I know is that Jesus is the Great Physician, Jehovah Rophe ( Healer ) and that He is aware of every pain, every sympton of every disease, and is able to bring us through each and every one. I have a congenital heart disease that I know God is healing, whether in this life, or the next - but in the struggles with that down here, I wait on Him to lift me with spirit wings, and then rise up and cherish the times I have with Him, daily.. HE is there for you, as well, sister! Thank you for the comment.. you have blessed my heart today.

Carol Penhorwood said...

Karen, thank you so much. You have touched me. I often think our writing comes from our own pain. I know it comes from my own experience. I only pray that our pain can reach out and encourage others in theirs.