Saturday, July 31, 2010

Faith is a Journey

Faith is trusting as a small child
In a Savior meek and mild.
Others forsake me and flee
Yet God is always with me.

Faith involves a huge leap
Over a chasm wide and deep.
It's getting down on my knee
Even when His answers I can't see.

Faith is a perpetual journey
Until He sets me free
From earthly cares and trials.
He's traveled with me many miles.

Faith is giving my life completely
To a God who loves me absolutely.
He's given me the greatest gift
And daily my soul He does uplift.

Faith is a marathon race
Sometimes I go at snail's pace.
Never from Him will I roam
As I travel on to my heavenly home.

Judy Wood

1 comment:

Tom Valles said...

Wonderful poem! Please post more!!!