Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Come Holy Spirit

Like a rush of a mighty wind
a Power comes to still the night time air
A great peace has settled down around me
as it let's me know God's Presence is right there.

And with that peace so undisturbing
and a sense of calm before my eyes
Oh yes! The King has come to save us!
Yes, His Mercy and Grace I can't deny.

So with a shout of Hallelujah!
as years of sin are rolled away
How blessed I am to know my Savior
Yes, His Peace has come to me, to stay.

Praising God, for the Spirit that's come to visit
Oh how my heart is filled with joy to the brim
Oh how I know the Redeemer's come to change me
as his Spirit comes and fills me from within.

So with open hands I bring my praise and Worship
to the Throne of Glory where the Savior Reigns
there's a rush as the Holy Spirit comes to fill me
and I cry " Holy! Holy! - Jesus is Your Holy Name"!

Yes, Jesus is the King of Ransom
when sins debt was paid on the Cross
Yes, He is the Redeemer, and the Savior
Who came down to give His life for the lost.

So I come with songs of praise and Worship
as I cry out with Glory to my King
and with the Holy Spirit living within me
Yes, these words of Praise I've come to sing.

I sing, " Praise God for all Your Glory"
as my heart is filled with joy inside
Oh how I know the Redeemer came to save me
Praise God, His Grace and Mercy ,forever in supply..


Brother Darrell said...

Just want to take this opportunity to thank our Lord for the poem that He placed on your heart Sister Karen! I really enjoyed when you referenced our Lord as the King of Ransom!

Be encouraged my sister!
From: Brother Darrell

karen hopkins said...

Thank you, Brother.. The Lord has given me many diffent mind pictures of who Jesus is to me. He is " The Mercy Tree", " The King of Ransom", " The Mighty Oak".. I am blessed to receive from the Lord, songs of poetry,in which I then get to share with everyone else.. The Mercy Tree actually became a written SONG by a musician friend of mine, I love this way Todd put it to music, and I am glad to share it with whomever asks to hear it. Father God has used it to bring many to Christ in prisons where my friend has used it in his ministry. I hope to hear the King of Ransom will be another annointed Song as well.. Thanks for the encouragement, brother!