Monday, August 3, 2009

A Morning Attitude of Gratitude

As we come before the Throne of God
humbled and bowing on one knee
with thoughts directed to our King
we know He Reigns in all Majesty

I come to offer up my praise to sing
as I come before Him with my life
and as His Presence draws me close
His Grace, and Mercy, I cannot deny

So I cry out Holy, Holy is Your Name
to the One by whom all things were made
His Crown, His Throne, His very life
Oh yes, what Love the Redeemer displayed

Standing with my hands outstretched
I come offering my praise to Him
Jesus, from simple carpenter, to Son of God
He is the Redeemer who took away all my sin

Oh how I cry out , with humbled gratitude
for all that the Savior has done for me
He bled, and died , yet rose again
Praise God - from the Grave, He set me free!

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