Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gazing into God's Eyes ..Heaven I'll See

Today, when I was thinking about Heaven
and how the streets are paved in sparkling Gold
And as the Gates of Glory being opened to me
I thought ,"Lord, what beauty it will be, for us to behold!"

But life on earth sometimes seems so hard,
and there's a pothole along every street
But God, along every the detours in this eartly life
I know You'll keep guiding safely, until we meet.

You'll lead us in Truth and Righteousness
as You escort each of us in our city, or land
And the best direction that Jesus comes to give
Will be as Jesus takes us by His nail-scarred hands.

Yes, Jesus is the Light of my life
He is the One I long to sing to in Praise
And as angels in Heaven sing of His Highest Glory
It's into God's Eyes, that I long to gaze.

In Heaven, there will be no pain or sorrow,
No signs of illness or death, will bring...
When living for Him, I know we can face what's ahead
for in Heaven, there'll be praise in songs to sing..

We will sing songs of Glory to our Savior, and Lord
We will sing with a heart that's beating strong
And only through His death and Victory that day
Can we sing the Victor's Song!

Yes, Jesus is - the Light of my life
He is the One I long to sing to in praise
And one day as I lift all praise to Him
It'll be into God's Eyes, that I will humbly gaze.

1 comment:

Carol Penhorwood said...

Lovely! Beautiful mind picture of the future for us!

I have a question for you...When you write like this, do you have a melody in your head? I've only written one in this style and I did. That's why I asked, out of curiosity.

Also, if I may ask, are we to point out suggestions, errors and criticisms in these comments? If so, there seems to be some word missing in your line, "But God, along every the detours in this earthly life..." It is still evident what your meaning is though.

It is a lovely, meaningful poem! I want others to share my mistakes with me. I hope you don't mind.