Friday, August 14, 2009

Where I am, He is There

Lord, where ever I turn, left or right
I know You're whispering in my ear
and in the craziness of my daily routine
Lord I find hope, because I know that You are here.

As You lead me to the place I must go
all the while, saying just reach out and take My hand
and as I do, I know You're leading ahead
because this is all part of Your Glorious plan

So with praise and Honor, I draw from Your Power
Lord, I humbly raise my "Eyes unto the Hills"
for I know that every breath, and every step I take
it is with deep humbleness that I know I am in Your will

For even in my broken times of shame
Lord, You took upon the cross my every sin
and all the pain that You willingly took
Lord, it was Your Victory that gave me life again!

Oh yes, I lift up the Holy Name of Christ
King of kings, and Lord of All!
and when I walk ahead through every joy, or trial
I know Your Feet are where I come to fall.

Bringing Praise and Glory for all You've done
as You lead me to the left, or to the right
and praise God! even in the darkest of times
I know Your Spirit surrounds me both day and night.

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