Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Consuming Fire

There is an All Consuming Fire
Yes, Jesus is His name!
The One who is Sufficient for all
Yes, on the Throne, He will always Reign

Yes it is Christ, the King of Kings
The Beginning and End to always be
the Author and Finisher of my faith
Yes, it is Jesus, who has set my passion free.

He is the Power that holds me up
He is Mighty Counselor, faithful and True
He is Jehovah Jireh, the Provider of all
Oh yes,may God's Passion fill me through, and through

He is the Rock, my Cornerstone
He is the Lover of my Soul both day and night
Yes, He is the One that holds Sweet Victory
Lord, may Your Passion consume me with Holy Delight

Yes it is Christ the King of Kings
to Whom all my praise I will always send
The Name of Jesus, Holy and Everlasting God
He is the Fountain of Living Water that will never end.

Oh Yes! There is an all Consuming Fire
Oh yes, Jesus is His name!
He is the One, whose Passion lives on
Yes, on the Throne, may the King of Kings, forever Reign!

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