Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Consuming Fire

There is an All Consuming Fire
Yes, Jesus is His name!
The One who is Sufficient for all
Yes, on the Throne, He will always Reign

Yes it is Christ, the King of Kings
The Beginning and End to always be
the Author and Finisher of my faith
Yes, it is Jesus, who has set my passion free.

He is the Power that holds me up
He is Mighty Counselor, faithful and True
He is Jehovah Jireh, the Provider of all
Oh yes,may God's Passion fill me through, and through

He is the Rock, my Cornerstone
He is the Lover of my Soul both day and night
Yes, He is the One that holds Sweet Victory
Lord, may Your Passion consume me with Holy Delight

Yes it is Christ the King of Kings
to Whom all my praise I will always send
The Name of Jesus, Holy and Everlasting God
He is the Fountain of Living Water that will never end.

Oh Yes! There is an all Consuming Fire
Oh yes, Jesus is His name!
He is the One, whose Passion lives on
Yes, on the Throne, may the King of Kings, forever Reign!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Walk Through Rain

Such as rain through a pile of pebbles
Your love poured on me
seeps through the cracks of my heart.
To make me wise means endurance,
yet You plan, shift and create.

Change me, teach me always,
then stabilize me if I start to fall-
but if I crash, its not Your fault.
I tug from Your hand in mine
refuse Your arm around my shoulder
and fall like the sun- its getting colder.

It rains again, I learn again.
I take your hand and am warm once more.

I recently wrote this poem and would love some critical feedback on it! If you have any, please comment.

Where I am, He is There

Lord, where ever I turn, left or right
I know You're whispering in my ear
and in the craziness of my daily routine
Lord I find hope, because I know that You are here.

As You lead me to the place I must go
all the while, saying just reach out and take My hand
and as I do, I know You're leading ahead
because this is all part of Your Glorious plan

So with praise and Honor, I draw from Your Power
Lord, I humbly raise my "Eyes unto the Hills"
for I know that every breath, and every step I take
it is with deep humbleness that I know I am in Your will

For even in my broken times of shame
Lord, You took upon the cross my every sin
and all the pain that You willingly took
Lord, it was Your Victory that gave me life again!

Oh yes, I lift up the Holy Name of Christ
King of kings, and Lord of All!
and when I walk ahead through every joy, or trial
I know Your Feet are where I come to fall.

Bringing Praise and Glory for all You've done
as You lead me to the left, or to the right
and praise God! even in the darkest of times
I know Your Spirit surrounds me both day and night.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gazing into God's Eyes ..Heaven I'll See

Today, when I was thinking about Heaven
and how the streets are paved in sparkling Gold
And as the Gates of Glory being opened to me
I thought ,"Lord, what beauty it will be, for us to behold!"

But life on earth sometimes seems so hard,
and there's a pothole along every street
But God, along every the detours in this eartly life
I know You'll keep guiding safely, until we meet.

You'll lead us in Truth and Righteousness
as You escort each of us in our city, or land
And the best direction that Jesus comes to give
Will be as Jesus takes us by His nail-scarred hands.

Yes, Jesus is the Light of my life
He is the One I long to sing to in Praise
And as angels in Heaven sing of His Highest Glory
It's into God's Eyes, that I long to gaze.

In Heaven, there will be no pain or sorrow,
No signs of illness or death, will bring...
When living for Him, I know we can face what's ahead
for in Heaven, there'll be praise in songs to sing..

We will sing songs of Glory to our Savior, and Lord
We will sing with a heart that's beating strong
And only through His death and Victory that day
Can we sing the Victor's Song!

Yes, Jesus is - the Light of my life
He is the One I long to sing to in praise
And one day as I lift all praise to Him
It'll be into God's Eyes, that I will humbly gaze.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The King of Ransom

A crown of thorns upon His head
the King of Ransom gladly wore
as He gave his life for all who sin
it was His blood that was freely poured

It was for man that the price was paid
yes when the King came down to pay our debt
hanging alone while shamed and scorned
our sin, the King of Ransom could not forget

But oh what love the Redeemer has
Oh yes, He gave his life for you and me
wearing a robe and a crown adorned with Love
Praise God, the King of Ransom has set us free!

As the heavens cry Victory, oh Victory,
Oh how death has lost its sting
by his death He gave us life
Yes, this gives us a reason to sing :

Oh what Love the Redeemer has
oh yes, He gave his life for you and me
wearing a robe and a crown adorned with Love
Praise God, the King of Ransom has set us free!

Yes, He carried the cross upon his back
its true our sin took Jesus to that lonely hill
but by the stripes that He willingly took
His last breath came, and all earth stood still!

Oh Victory, oh Victory!
the grave no longer holds Him there
its by his Power that He Arose
and now our praise will fill the air

Oh how the Crown that was worn that day
became the Kings ransom that took our sin
and by His Love that was shed for all
A Kings ransom came to offer life again!

Yes, Victory, oh Victory,
the Heavens declare His Holy Name
it's from the Ransom paid by our Kng
that our lives will never be the same..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Come Holy Spirit

Like a rush of a mighty wind
a Power comes to still the night time air
A great peace has settled down around me
as it let's me know God's Presence is right there.

And with that peace so undisturbing
and a sense of calm before my eyes
Oh yes! The King has come to save us!
Yes, His Mercy and Grace I can't deny.

So with a shout of Hallelujah!
as years of sin are rolled away
How blessed I am to know my Savior
Yes, His Peace has come to me, to stay.

Praising God, for the Spirit that's come to visit
Oh how my heart is filled with joy to the brim
Oh how I know the Redeemer's come to change me
as his Spirit comes and fills me from within.

So with open hands I bring my praise and Worship
to the Throne of Glory where the Savior Reigns
there's a rush as the Holy Spirit comes to fill me
and I cry " Holy! Holy! - Jesus is Your Holy Name"!

Yes, Jesus is the King of Ransom
when sins debt was paid on the Cross
Yes, He is the Redeemer, and the Savior
Who came down to give His life for the lost.

So I come with songs of praise and Worship
as I cry out with Glory to my King
and with the Holy Spirit living within me
Yes, these words of Praise I've come to sing.

I sing, " Praise God for all Your Glory"
as my heart is filled with joy inside
Oh how I know the Redeemer came to save me
Praise God, His Grace and Mercy ,forever in supply..

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Morning Attitude of Gratitude

As we come before the Throne of God
humbled and bowing on one knee
with thoughts directed to our King
we know He Reigns in all Majesty

I come to offer up my praise to sing
as I come before Him with my life
and as His Presence draws me close
His Grace, and Mercy, I cannot deny

So I cry out Holy, Holy is Your Name
to the One by whom all things were made
His Crown, His Throne, His very life
Oh yes, what Love the Redeemer displayed

Standing with my hands outstretched
I come offering my praise to Him
Jesus, from simple carpenter, to Son of God
He is the Redeemer who took away all my sin

Oh how I cry out , with humbled gratitude
for all that the Savior has done for me
He bled, and died , yet rose again
Praise God - from the Grave, He set me free!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

There is No God

I shared this in February, but Lynn's poem has inspired me to share it again!

There is No God

"There is no God," he claimed, and all creation disagreed.
Thunder shouted His name, wind whispered of His every deed.
But he could only hear the void between ears left and right.
He couldn't read what the stars wrote; he saw only the night.

"Perhaps God has removed Himself," he said as God stood near.
The stones cried out to greet Him, but the man refused to hear.
The hills sang while the trees danced, worshipping in green array.
God opened wide His arms; the man closed his eyes, turned away.

"Perhaps God died eons ago," he smirked as angels sighed.
"Perhaps the whole myth ended on the day that Jesus died."
The birds ignored him as they raised their songs of praises high;
The flowers waved, the grasses bowed, the Living God passed by.

Psalm 14:1-3 The fool says in his heart, "There is no God."