Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Beauty of His Grace

God creates a beautiful flower
after dark winter fades into the sky
His creation designed with brilliant colors
and is beautiful to those seeing with Godly eyes

His gift to us as His precious sons , and daughters
we , the flowers , designed from His beating heart
our Jesus is the King, and Master Gardener
yes, He knows us, intimately, each gentle and delicate part

His Son " takes to task " , each needed sunrise
knowing the power of healing warmth rising in its way
and God's Presence breaking through the darkest shadows
heals all wounds with His Love, for each of us today

So this gift that our world's been given
such a precious flower - for all to behold
In us , a glimmer of new life in this daily journey
by the Beauty of His Grace, and mercies told.

Yes, God grows a gentle flower in the healing
as the Son rises each morning in the sky
and , after the night brings growing in the process
His beautiful creation, is what God sees both you , and I.

1 comment:

Carol Penhorwood said...

"God heals all wounds with His love" that, Karen. Beautiful! Thank you.