Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Integrity of God's Name

Lord , may every day be a Holy day
not just one day out of every week
and in the minutes, and hours surrounding my day
Lord, may You , in that time , be all that I seek

Lord, lead me into Your temple, Lord
a holy place where Your presence always stands
and as I enter in , humbly , from both the front and back
Lord, with my heart and mind, fully see Your Place, and understand

Lord, keep teaching me, even from every stubborn trait I have
take and replacing those with truth - Yours , strong and clear
For in my heart, and soul, Lord , may your Word reside
Lord, Your voice is all that I long to hear

This morning I come,with this , my prayer , today
Lord, that Your Temple , in me, be opened wide
and in my heart, where Your Holiness lives
it's there, may the integrity of Your Name, always reside.

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