Saturday, February 6, 2010

Redeeming Love

In the sea of dark and despairing times
hope lies in the heart of our Reigning King
and when sin's curse breaks it's ugly hold on us
its then where His forgiveness, Christ will bring

Yes, the words to My child, " I forgive your sin "
where feet, and minds trod where they need not go
but with My heart to you, I extend My Redeeming Love
for it was on the Cross, Grace and mercy showed

Just come to Me , you who struggle today
lay your thoughts , and worries at My feet
for in the steps where sin led you away from Me
it's here - by Grace, that you and I again , will meet

Yes, just bring to me the stones that weigh you down
the grime of sin that you have carried all alone
for in the place where you let Me take your load
My Restoration I will bring to you, and to your home.

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