Thursday, February 25, 2010

To rest under a wing that holds us near
the Holy Spirit comes with sheltering peace
and when the changes of life threaten our rest
it is Jesus , who comes, to bring us sweet relief

Oh God, of heaven, earth and sky
break forth through the clouds with grace , and mercy shown
when we hurt from weariness, and loneliness inside
please come and remind us You'll never leave us alone

Oh just breathe on us, Your gentle spirit of hope
revive the weariness of body , soul and mind
and in that place where the Spirit draws close
Lord, may it be Your peace that we will always find

Just come and draw us under Your Wings of Hope
a place sheltered by your all encompassing Love
we come, Lord Jesus , knowing You're all we need
I pray Lord, may it be Your peace that falls from heaven above


Carol Penhorwood said...

Wings of hope that draw us ever near. What a lovely image. Thanks, Karen.

Kara Ashley said...

I love your theme of sky in this poem Karen! It is beautiful, thank you. I've noticed you write a lot of poems in this same format. Since you like writing in form, experiment with some new ones like triolet or pantoum or even a sonnet.