Sunday, July 4, 2010

God Bless America

God bless America,
This country built by grace,
Restore the faith that made her great
That she might seek Your face.

Forgive the self-reliance,
Rejection of Your Word,
And grant us the desire
To let Your voice be heard.

No longer do we stand with pride
To bear Your holy name,
For "Christian" now's so widely used
It doesn't mean the same.

Forgive us, Lord, we've wandered far,
Restore us by Your grace,
For You, Lord, first established us,
Redeem this fallen race.

Restore to us Your conscience,
Desire to follow You,
Renew our land that we again
Your principles pursue.

Pour out Your Spirit on our land,
Your mercy may we know,
And in humility we ask
That strength and wisdom grow.

A special blessing, Lord, we ask
For those who rule and lead,
Reveal Your wisdom and Your grace
That Your work may succeed.

We thank You for our country,
This land that You've made great,
With You as our foundation
May love replace all hate.


Mory said...


tamm0449 said...

You have written God a letter that comes from many of our hearts. We need to put prayer back into the schools and teach children that it is God to whom we should thank and praise. May God lead the President and open his thoughts and ears to God's whispers. May he follow in his footsteps to guide our people to worship God once more. Until we recognize God in our lives we will continue to see hunger, joblessness and evil doings by those who do not know God in their hearts. Let us pray for God to show our Leaders the way to share his wisdom and bring peace and prosperity to the world.

Joseph J. Breunig 3rd said...

A marvelous piece; it seems that we as a nation have forsaken our Godly inheritage. Recently I read a message about how President Obama declared that 'the USA is no longer a Christian nation', cancelled our National Day of Prayer and attended a Muslim Prayer at Capitol Hill with over 50,000 Muslims in attendance. If alive today, our Founding Fathers would lead a new revolt against our own corrupt government.