Monday, July 26, 2010

House cleaning

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Because of the sad little spammers who have nothing better to do with their time than spam our posts, I have now restricted comments to members of this board only. I simply don't have time to come in here and remove their spammy little posts. I will remove any members who spam this board.

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Please remember that any bio info and links should be included on your own profile page and not with each poem


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New Writers

If you have submitted poems from May through  now, I was one of the tens of thousands of Middle Tennessee flood victims in May. I had many thousands of dollars worth of damage, but my brother and some friends lost everything. I didn't have power for almost a week, didn't have phone/internet for almost a month, and my street was trapped by flood waters and mudslides where we couldn't get out for several days. I have not had a chance to approve submissions and do not plan to go dig through the past three months of posts to try to find them. If you are interested in submitting poems here, please post your samples again. and hopefully I will see them this time. Keep in mind, I am still dealing with FEMA, and my fun, hobby boards like this one are not a priority.


With that said, if anyone feels like they know their way around a Google Blog and poetry basics well enough to help me moderate, I would welcome some help. Just leave me a comment and let me know if you feel comfortable with Google blog settings, and if you think you could gently determine if poetry form and message are in keeping with a mainstream Christian poetry blog.

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Judy said...

The Roses Upon My Fence

Lord, I had a reminder of you
Red roses on my fence, it's true.
The color of blood you shed
Thorns, the crown on your head.

These beautiful red roses in bloom
Seem a contrast to my Savior's tomb.
But, God, I know this wasn't the end
You raised your Son, he did ascend.

This lovely rose's sweet perfume
Reminds me I'm free from gloom
As spring makes all things new
Jesus gives me a heavenly view.

Because of him I am made clean.
As this rose with leaves of green
I have a brand new life story
And to my Lord goes all the glory.

Judy Wood