Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Our Weaknesses

We see our limitations
As things to overcome...
The handicaps that hold us back,
That seem so troublesome.

If we could be delivered,
The weaknesses depart,
There'd be much more that we could do,
More work to have a part.

And yet it's in our weakness
That His sure strength shines through,
It's in the pain, the grief, the tears
We find His grace is true.

We learn that in our weakness
We can on Him depend,
And often through those weaknesses
His love to others send.

We cannot hope to comfort
If we have known no pain,
It's through the shadows of our lives
That we have truly gained.

Our hearts have learned to focus,
To soak in His dear love,
To trust Him in the darkest night
And see the light above.

It's often in our weaknesses
God's power can thus shine through,
Our strength are often hindrances
To what our God can do.

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