Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Mount Calvary, Victory Arose

As fire consumes the darkened forest
and like a flame sets the mountains ablaze,
our God raised His hands of mercy
when on the cross, His awesome love was displayed

He took the sin of those who walk in darkness
yet , forgiving our sin that took away His life
and , all that Jesus experienced on mount Calvary
was how He paid sin's debt with nails , whips and stripes

But our Redeemer - praise God , rising up in Glory
brought forgiveness and hope to the world , and it's sin
He arose, from a grave as the Victor of all victors
with believer's straining, " just to get a glimpse of the Savior of all men!"

And with shouts of Praise and Proclamation
lifting my hands in Honor and in praise
for the Victory over sin has been settled
as my God ascended Heaven, from now , yes , an empty grave

Hallelujah, yes " Thine the Glory "
all heaven and earth will sing songs of praise
it is to our God, Savior and our Redeemer
that we sing, Holy, Holy Holy,
Yes, Jesus - The Ancient of Days!

The first two lines of this poetry in song came straight from Psalm 83. I do not know why those words spoke to me, but the Lord did, and led me to write the rest of the poem as a " Pre - Easter " song of praise.

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