Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rise up! Rise up in Victory!

I sing in praise " Jesus You are my victory! "
there is no other name that take the prize
for you will always be my Lord and Redeemer
and on You, Lord, I firmly set my eyes

For in Your Victory I will always stand
lifting hands to the Redeeming King
for on the Cross of Calvary He died
yet from the grave Hallelujah came -
as my lips in Praise I will sing

Yes, there is mighty Victory in Jesus
Oh what Power that He holds
for it's in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I sing
of the Greatest story ever told

Rise up, rise up O King of Kings!
this Song of Praise to lift Your Name on High
for it's by the Mighty Power of the Cross
that Your Glory now fills all earth and sky

Yes, rise up, rise up ! O King of Kings!
Your marvelous Glory to be extol
for in all of Heaven we will proclaim all Victory
Yes, it's Jesus who arose - His Glory to behold !!

1 comment:

Kara Ashley said...

I like the cheer of this poem! Nice Karen.