Monday, March 29, 2010

A Promise fulfilled - an Easter poem

Jesus, Savior and Risen King
He was crucified for you , and me
mocked, and tortured on an old wooden cross
yes, it was Jesus who died for all to see

Yes, by His Grace, He saved us all
His death brought new life for all to see
Oh such endless love, where our Savior hung alone
but Praise God, it was Jesus who came to set men free!

Such mocking, whips and taunting jeers
it was Jesus who suffered acts of cruelty , and shame
and then led away to lie in a grave of stone
a miracle happened - it was Jesus who on the third day, rose again!

It is because of the Cross - the Savior died for us all
As His promise was fulfilled on that appointed day
with Jesus ascending to Heaven, to sit on His Throne
Now we sing He lives! He lives !
Our Savior has Risen to Glory today!

Oh yes, I lift up the Name of Jesus my King
Hallelujah, from the grave He rose again -
because of the Cross we sing Hosanna in the Highest!
Yes, we sing to the King of Kings, the Redeemer of all men!

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