Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Beautiful Place

A Beautiful place, when a life is at peace
It's with a God who comes to make one see
that in that place, where True joy is found
it's the place of Grace, that's given for you, and me

Yes, a beautiful place , God's Holy place
a place where our King has ransomed sin , and shame
and in that place, where we meet our Savior , alone
it's there , at the Throne, where our God will always Reign.

I bow, low - before my Lord, and my King
I lift all praise, with not a single word
with just my eyes, looking to the Throne above
yes, to my God - tonight, let my silent praise, be all that's heard

Oh Beautiful Lord, Almighty King
It's to You, at the Place , where we come to bow
with praise, and Honor and Glory to God
Yes, its His True Love, that now abounds

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