Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jesus Christ , Crucified

Jesus Christ crucified
His blood shed for sins of man
The sacrificial Lamb of God
Yet , He arose , The Great, Great I Am!

As you try to picture all He did
and the pain that He went through
remember on that old wooden Cross
it was His pain, endured , for me, and you.

Yes, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God
it was He, who took away our sin
He was the sinless , perfect Son of God
and He came to cleanse our hearts within

But hanging on that blood stained cross
Our Savior suffered such depths of agony
and dying that day with 2 men by His side
He knew it was the only way we could be set free

So He carried our transgressions up that hill
to offer forgiveness for every man, woman and child
and by the mercy and Grace of the Redeemer that day
it was our sin death, that His blood , reconciled

Yes, His blood flowing from that simple cross
as His earthly flesh mutilated, whipped and torn
wearing nothing but a torn scrap of cloth
and on His head , He wore a Crown of Thorns

Yes, it was Jesus Christ , Crucified
His blood shed on the Cross for those He loves
And today, coming to that very place
It's in Praise, that I raise my hands to Christ above

Yes, to sing songs of rejoicing today
for all that my Lord and Savior has done
No sacrifice can ever repeat the events that day
for it was all about Jesus , our Redeemer and Holy One

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