Tuesday, March 2, 2010

His Healing Hand

To seek the King in the pain
laying burdens at His feet
in the turmoil of this life
Lord, at the Throne, we come to meet

Take me Lord, and draw me close
take the pain into Your healing hand
Lord, I am yours, and You are mine
Lord, to the Throne, is where I've come to stand

Father, that Your love goes to the point of grace
where I can't sit, or where I can't stand
where I long to be in Your presence , O God
where, I know You wait, holding out Your Healing hand

Yes, O Lord - I am Yours
hold me in Your strong embrace
in the leaving of pain at Your place of rest
Lord, lift me up , to meet You, God, face to face

Yes, I need You now, just where I am
where You see me in this desperate place
Lord, seeking You, my King of Kings
My Abba Daddy, just draw me in Your sweet embrace..

1 comment:

rev jenny said...

Sometimes you need gods hands to heal you and comfort you. I love this poem