Saturday, March 6, 2010

Glory to my King of Kings

We've come to praise and worship Him
We sing of God's amazing story
we lift our eyes, to the King of Kings
Yes , we sing praise of God's amazing Glory

We sing Praise in all we Worship
we sing of the Glory of God's Name
Oh what a wondrous God we have to serve
Yes, its Christ, who died to free my shame

Oh to stand in Your Presence, Lord
this place that I never want to part
receive my offer of Praise , O Lord
yes, this song that comes deep within my heart

Yes, may this song exalt the King of Kings
a song of praise, bowing low to Him
from my soul , all Glory to our God who Reigns
Yes, its to Christ, who I come, humbled with my sin

Here I am, before the One
whose death gave me new eyes to see
as He gave His life for all
I'll praise my God - for He reigns in Victory!

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