Friday, March 26, 2010

The Cross, Somewhere Safe to Go

For those that might be in a place of great wounding, may this poem, and prayer become your heart. May you sense God's heart loving you, bringing rest, and peace. May you feel His presence when you feel nothing but deep gaping wounds of the soul.

When things are hard, and answers aren't there
and in rough waters, feeling as if you're 'bout to drown
instead of sinking in despair, with a spirit of defeat
just call out to Jesus - He hears every prayerful sound

He won't leave you between a rock and a wall
and He'll never leave you to hold your head in shame
for in that time when life tries to break you apart
let go - let go - For God will walk you through the pain

Yes, when things are hard, and answers are few
our God, knowing all that has taken place
and in the time when you need somewhere safe to go
it's to the Cross, where you know God will meet you, face to face

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