Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Cry For Love

The heart knows no greater hunger,
The need for love is strong,
Our flesh will do such crazy things
To feel that we belong.

We try to draw attention
To see if people care,
And still the heart unsatisfied
Feels only deep despair.

But, thank God, there's an answer,
We can be satisfied,
We've yearned for something more in life
That cannot be denied.

Such peace, contentment, can be ours,
Our yearnings will find rest,
In Jesus all we need is found,
Our need for love expressed.

No longer need we flounder,
The love for which we've yearned
Is freely given and received,
It never can be earned.

So when the soul cries out for love
We search the world in vain,
For only Jesus satisfies
And His love will remain.

"Oh, that men would praise (and confess to) the Lord His goodness and loving-kindness, and His wonderful works to the children of men!
For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with good." Psalms 107:8-9 (Amplified)

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