Sunday, December 20, 2009

To Jesus, All Glory shall Behold!

Picturing a sweet innocent child
with a perfect boy's tiny face.
And then to think of all Jesus gave
as our Savior poured out His Amazing Grace

Just as a bird sings out its song
the melody of Jesus birth , ringing in my ears
its because of the birth, and Love of a baby boy child
that the Christmas Story is told year, after year.

We play songs and carols to God on High
their melodies lift up our inner soul
and because of the manger and all that took place
our praise is given to the One whose Glory shall behold!

Jesus, this is my prayer - to see only You
not just now, at Christmas time
but when troubles come , and when life gets hard
Lord, may then my offer of praise be lifted to God divine.

Hear then my heart, as I sing this song:
Oh Lord, of Lords - You are the Savior of All
and with songs of praise, that come from my heart
Lord Jesus, in praise, to my knees, before the King I will fall..

Hallelujah to the Savior of Man
I bring gifts to Adore the Feet of the One who died
and from a baby born in a lowly manger stall
its because of Jesus - whose Love is fully supplied..

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