Saturday, December 5, 2009

The First Christmas Present

Plans in the making...
A wedding there'd be!
Yes, Joseph and Mary
(And baby) make three!

But wait just a moment...
Let's start at the start...
Or lo and behold,
We'll miss the best part!

Before they were married,
Before they were "one",
Young Mary discovered
She'd have God's dear Son.

No breaking headlines,
No "Special Reports",
No TVs, no faxes,
No phones of all sorts!

To Mary, young Mary,
Alone, perhaps praying,
An angel appeared and...
What was he saying?

"By God's Holy Spirit
A mother she'd be,
She'd bear God's own Son!"
Was the angel's decree.

The first Christmas present...
No package, no tree,
With no Christmas wish lists
And no shopping spree.

This first Christmas present,
A gift to us all,
When God though so big
Would become, oh, so small.

Almighty God chose
To show us His love,
So He sent us His Son as
A babe from above.

A model for living
His Son would become,
Our sin, yes, the sin
Of the world overcome.

Through His birth and His death
All men would be blessed,
For God cared enough
To send us His best!

This babe grew to manhood
And took on our sin,
Then rose from the dead
Off'ring life to all men.

For God doesn't do things
The way we expect,
But He's always precise
And He's always direct!

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