Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh what a Holy Night it must have been!

In the quiet of a star filled night
I can imagine angels who would sing
for a baby born in a manger stall
as there were no other room , that rest could bring.

Picturing a gentle voice, whispered low
to Joseph and Mary, saying " do not fear "
This is a place of quiet, soothing rest
as Jesus' birth comes , it is My peace that will draws near.

And so it was,a birth of a newborn child
who would become our Savior to walk upon this earth
from newborn babe, to simple carpenter by trade
yes, it was Jesus - a miracle of a sinless birth.

Oh , from this little baby, an Innocent Child
with Love , He came to offer , by nail scarred hands
From His humble beginning, in a lowly , manger one night
to His death and Victory, the fulfillment of Gods most Holy plan.

And so , Mary and Joseph , in that darkened night
cradled and nurtured the baby Jesus by their love
born in a stable for there was no room at the inn
we celebrate Jesus, as Love came down, from Heaven above.

I just wanted to share this poem, as it came to me a few minutes ago. My heart is humbled to know, and love , and be loved by such a perfect Savior, Jesus Christ..

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