Monday, December 21, 2009

Jesus, my Power Source of Life

Lord we humble ourselves with grateful hearts
at the miracle of Your virgin birth
The love you shared when you died for all
Oh Lord, Your Love came down to touch this earth.

For Your life is like a light today
Shining brightly in the dark of night
Yet, filling the world with Your Presence so warm
for us , it's from Your Father’s Glorious light.

Lord, it's Your Love that I long to know
so Your light will be what others see
May the beautiful reflection of your Grace abound
Lord, let all that's seen be the Presence of your Glory and Majesty.

Lord, as Your spirit comes deeper in me
please shine wherever we are
your Glorious and wondrous Majesty awakes
Lord, in me, let Your beauty shine like a falling star.

Lord Jesus , a flame of passion , into me bring
I ask that You send Your Power so that it won't dim
Ignite in me, an offering of worship and praise , My God
let your Glory come forth, and shine brightly , within.

Yes, into me bring Your Power source of Light
may it shine bright wherever I go
and as the celebration of Your Holy birth draws near
Lord Jesus - receive my gift of Adoration , from here below.

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