Sunday, December 13, 2009

From Manger, to Throne, our Gift was Laid

A baby born in a manger stall
when there was no room any other place
such a special little baby boy Child
His birth transcending all time and space.

Oh yes, its a birth to celebrate
we sing happy birthday to the King
such a tiny child, born in a manger stall
we celebrate with praises lifted as we sing.

Its your birthday,Jesus, as a little baby boy
but its also for a King who came to Reign
we sing Holy, Holy to the newborn King
for Your birth will always be the same.

It is His birth so awesome to describe
and new life that came from His deep abiding love
it's the cross in which a boy , turned Savior was placed
but it's Jesus the King, that Rose to the Throne above.

Oh yes, we sing Holy, Holy, Holy
to Jesus, who laid in a manger filled with hay
from this little boy born in a manger one night
to become the Hope for the world today..

It's Your birthday,Jesus,as a little boy child
but its also for You, a King who came to reign
we sing Glory Hallelujah, to the King of Kings
for Your birth assures us that our lives will never again, be the same.

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