Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hear me, O Lord!

From my heart , to Father God's:

Shine down on me, Lord Jesus
with Joy and Peace so bright and fair
surround me with Your Glory , O Lord
Oh how I long to meet with You there.

Sing out Your song of blessings
Oh let me hear Your calling out to me
Lord, come sing songs of love and beauty
for its in You, that my song of praise has been set free

I will bring songs of Glory, Honor and Praise
yes,Lord, to the feet of Jesus , I will come
for its Adoration to the King of Kings
on bended knee, I offer , to Jesus, the Holy One!

From Father God, to me :

Yes, Sing to Me of your praises , Child
I love songs of your praise as you rejoice
I Love to sense your Adoration and love for Me
Oh how it brings such joy in knowing your tender voice.

Child, just sing to the Father, Holy Spirit and Son
let your heart rejoice as your lips sing out in praise
for its in the beauty of True Worship , you've come
where I know your heart, hands and voice will be forever raised!

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