Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Plea To The Prodigal

You reach out to the prodigal,
Those who have once known You,
In love You plead for their return
To give them life anew...

"You've searched the wide world over,
Fulfillment You'll not find,
Replacing Me with idols,
You've left Me far behind.

For nothing, no one, can provide
The love that your heart needs,
But I, My child, created you,
Your dreams My love exceeds.

I have a perfect plan for you
Designed with you in mind.
But you can't walk away from Me
And satisfaction find.

For there is none more miserable
Than those who've once known Me,
A battle rages in your soul
That only I can free.

But if You choose to follow Me
My blessings I'll restore,
No longer need you search in vain
For what you're longing for.

Your life still has a purpose,
It is not lived in vain,
Return to Me, you cannot lose,
And everything you gain."


Kara Ashley said...

Well worded Carol! Your rhythm is beautiful.

Carol Penhorwood said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment, Kara, and for taking the time to read and comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it.