Saturday, January 30, 2010

God's Masterpiece

My grandson cradled in my arms,
This infant two weeks old,
Securely he lies nestled there
Safe from the world so cold.

In innocence he blindly trusts
And snuggles close to me,
His tiny fingers clutch my heart
For all eternity.

Instinctively he understands
His needs will all be met,
He feels the love surrounding him,
A tender woven net.

This tiny miracle of life,
My heart so full of love,
God's perfect little masterpiece
Sent from His hand above.

Remind me, Lord, that I too lie
Securely in Your arms,
That Your love still envelops me,
Protects from all that harms.

You constantly watch over me,
I too can know Your peace,
Securely nestled in Your arms
I too Your masterpiece.

You watchfully take care of me
And I am safe, secure,
For Your heart's filled with love for me
That will all time endure.

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