Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seen through the Eyes of our Father, and a Mother

A life to be treasured
no matter the size
A life , born to be loved
yes, a gift bringing tears to the eyes

For a life is to be cherished
with it's blessings today
A life born to be loved , and protected
whether a part of your family, or given away

For the life of a child,
so tender and small
is a priceless gift to be born
A child ,yes, a precious gift given to all

And no matter the weight of a child
or the color of an eye, or a hair
A child, is created to be loved and cherished
yes, even a child, waiting for another mother to share

So cherish and nuture your child
or the memories you hold
for the child you have been given
is a rare treasure, a gift to behold

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