Saturday, January 9, 2010

Come and Rest A While...

" Come and rest in Me a while "
to a deserted place where you will find retreat
for it's in that place of quietness
that you will know it's I, you can always meet

Just lay your worries and your burdens down
at My feet , where my Word will make you see
that as you come to a place of quiet and rest
it's in the resting of the Father, that will set your spirit free

Yes, this is my Fathers will for you
to come to a place where you will once again , be fed
put aside all that causes you to become weary and worn
just come child, for in Me, you will find peace instead

Yes, come away, to a deserted place
come rest for a little while today
just soak in the warming of My Presence
let yourself hear the words I long for you to hear today:

Come.. come.. come , and sit with Me
Yes , let your soul be refueled with My rest divine
for I am a God of Healing Rest , my Child
Yes, it's there, where only my peace you will find

" Come away with Me a while "
to a deserted place where you will find My rest
for it's in that place of quiet deserted retreat
that you will know that my Peace is always best.

this poem came as I was reading Mark 6:31.

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