Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remake me , O Lord - Into a Picture of Beauty

Break me Lord, into Your hands
crushing strong holds that keep me from being free
take each part that needs to be made new
Lord , bring Your Beauty, deep in to the depths of me.

Yes, let Your Spirit, in me, shine forth from inside
creating new beauty from Your skillfully , crafted ways
Scatter the lies of the Enemy, and the darkness , O Lord
Break me, and remake me - Yes, this is my song of prayer today

Lord , like a stain glass window , newly designed
it's beauty comes when its been broken and crushed
and from the Hands of my Father , where Your beauty springs forth
Lord , here I stand , in New Beauty , from Your Designing Touch

Lord, hear my prayer tonight,
as I come before You.
I come asking for You to break me, and Remake me , Lord -
into the Beautiful Image of Yourself.. So that when other's see me, they will be drawn to the Beauty of Christ, shining thru my life today, just as if I were a stained glass window . I pray this in Your Name, Amen