Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Redeemer's Amazing Love

Even in the rivers and low valleys
do I lift up my eyes unto the hills
and in the steps of this freedom journey
I hear His voice softly calling " Peace be still "

for my God is all around me
and He knows just what my spirit needs
for my God knows when I might be hurting
and when I'm lost and alone - it is there that He'll lead

Oh yes, He takes my hand within His own
and says," trust me Child, I know the safest way "
just come deeper into in my healing Presence
its to the Sanctuary of peace , that we will go today

So as we walk side by side in this freedom journey
through green pastures ,or dry and thristy lands
yes, its God's faithful promise that He gives us
that He will never leave us as He's always leading by His hand

Oh what peace there'll be in this valley
yes, what rest there comes from God high above
and because of the heart of God that soothes me
I'll always rest in my Redeemers amazing Love

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