Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Come Holy Spirit, we have Need of You

Like a reigning shower of abundant peace
Come and fall deeper around us Holy Spirit , as I pray
bring Your Presence into our surrounding, Lord
For it's Your Spirit's nearness , we need in every way

Lord Jesus , come and sing songs of Love
Come and sing songs over those sick, or weary, or beaten down
Lord , in the midst of life's drowning seas , all we ask
is that You'd Come , Holy Spirit - come deeper to surround

My prayer, Lord God, Come and fill those who need Your help
Yes, Holy Spirit , fall down around those who are in need
bring forth Your healing touch , of body, soul and mind
Yes, Lord, may the Power of the Holy Spirit , come and intercede

This is my prayer , come closer , Dear Lord
with the power of the Spirit , faithful, strong and true
May Your breath of life come and fill us all with peace
Oh God, Giver of Life, my prayer , bring us closer Lord , to You.

Yes, " mercy " those that call on You now
for those who come , and stand before You , with open hands
from those who need Your peace and closeness Lord
bring healing , for You are the Great Physician, the Great I Am..

1 comment:

Carol Penhorwood said...

Beautiful words and beautiful spirit to match. God bless you!