Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peace in His Sanctuary

I see the Father standing close
Oh how He wants to draw you near
In the gentle touch of the Father's peace
it's His voice that says "Child , you'll find rest with Me here"

For it's in the Peace of His Sanctuary
where calm and respite bring healing in the air
it's in His Presence you will find His Hope
when you find the Savior waiting there

Yes, He stands with opened arms
calling out to those who need His peace
and as you walk toward the Father now
You'll know His Peace will bring sweet , relief

For He sings songs of Deliverance
and songs of great Delight to all those He loves
and in the times when you are weary and worn
it's there He stands, in the peaceful Sanctuary of His quiet Love

Yes, our Father waits to draw you near
just come in faith, to His waiting side
For in the Peace of God's quiet Sanctuary
it is there, where His Help will be supplied.

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