Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Oasis of Gods Sanctuary

The Oasis of God's Sanctuary
Oasis: A Shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary .

The Oasis of Your Sanctuary
the place, Lord, I know i need to be
its there in the solitude
where your peace can allow me to finally see

its there in the oasis Lord
in the mirage of my mind
the pain, the fear , the secrets kept
Oh Lord - in the Oasis, may your safety be all that I will find

Help me to see beyond the distance
of the healing that your Living Water brings
and in that hope that lies beyond the hurt
may my praise be all that my thirsting heart will sing

Yes, you are my Oasis Lord
my Hope in a barren and thirsty land
with my secrets left with you today
Lord, I leave them in your Trusting hand

Yes, the Oasis of Your Sanctuary
the place, Lord, I long to always be
there in the Solitude of Your Peace
Lord, today , may I find You - waiting here for me..

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