Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Touch of Grace

I need to be lost in Your presence, Lord
just to be drawn into Your love
As Your peace comes to surround me here
Lord, it's by your grace, that I've been touched

Yes, Your grace is enough to know
even when things are hidden deep inside
but as I feel your spirit drawing close
Lord, its in Your truth, that I long to always abide

Father, hear my heart as I cry out to You
hear me as I lift Your name in praise
when the world seems to leave me weary and worn
Lord, its to You , my prayers I know I can always raise

Yes Your grace is enough for me
it's because of grace, I can look above
and through tears of deep gratitude
Lord, its by your grace, I can know your ever present love

Yes, I am overcome by Your love, my Lord
I'm surrounded by Your mercy and grace
Just to be in the presence of your Holiness
Lord, its where I find comfort in your sweet embrace

Yes , Your grace is enough for me
it brings me humbly to stand before you , face to face
and when hope is found with peace attached
I know new life comes because of Your Touch of Grace

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