Saturday, November 7, 2009

Strong and Mighty Warrior..of Grace

I am a sinner , Lord
though I am saved by Your abundant grace
As I walk in faith , with trusting steps ahead
Lord, it's You, I want to see, face to face.

Lord, as I come before Your throne
I come , wanting to worship at Your feet
Renewing my soul with newness of peace
Lord, I come to stand before Your Mercy Seat

I need to know more of You, Lord
Much more than I do right now
longing for Your presence to be made known
Before your Throne ,Lord , I come and bow.

Here I've come before You - as an offering
Lord Jesus , praise and glory lifted to Your Holy Name
Please take me just as I am
even in times when I need your cleansing rain

Please , O God, come tonight to fill me up
cleanse me with the Holy Spirit of truth
take me to the quiet place of rest
Oh Lord, tonight I need only You.

Father God, here I come before You , now
Humbly, I come with all my worship and praise
And , as I come into Your Dwelling Place, O Lord
it's there, I know I'm surrounded by Your saving Grace..

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