Friday, November 6, 2009

Enter In..To His Dwelling Place

There is a Dwelling Place
Where God's Word says that I can come
It's found in the courts of Praise
Yes, it's found In Psalm 91

It was when I heard a still small voice
so soft and tender, and low
it was my God,this morning, who said to me
it's to my Dwelling Place, that you can a;ways go

Oh in the presence of my Holy God
His closeness makes me feel at home
and even in the darkness of life
I know hope is found in His Dwelling place, alone

Yes, it's in this place, you are right now
where My peace comes to bathe you in My love
the place where life is more than lived
it's in the dwelling of my love, that you'll find comfort from above

Oh yes, to live in God's Dwelling Place
a place of hope for all to see
Come to me, My child, and rest awhile
for its here, in my Dwelling Place, I long for you to be

Yes, Lord, in Your Dwelling Place
Your peace oh may it come and fill me anew
it's there in the Glory of your Holy Place
that Your Presence comes to fill me through and though

My morning prayer today, based on Psalms 84, and 91

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