Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rich in our Lord

You are Rich in Mercy , Lord
Your life, full of tender grace
Out of Your wonderful love you give
its by your Love, someday we will see you face to face

You've brought hope into the night,
You've touched me with your forgiving hand
Through Your love , left on the cross
Father, its by your grace that I can stand

I've been made alive in Christ,
and sin no longer mine to keep
by Your gift of eternal life
Lord, in my heart, you've settled in so deep

You've changed my heart deep within
and have cleansed me with Your blood
I've been cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb
Lord, I am covered by Your redeeming Love

Father, in the grace, You've shown to me
A love, like none other than I will ever see
and , because of Grace , You've raised me up
Jesus, when Your blood was shed , on Calvary.


student blogger said...

Increase within me, Love –
expand the corners of my narrow heart to make a spacious plot
For thee to plant with all things good & green.
Seek the Son, o everything of mine,
loyalty, affections, & estate be granted to the king.
To him I pledge each acre of my soul,
& in his hands the harvest shall be whole.

A sinner-saint? A gutter-heir to grace? Indeed, i say,
thus is my state, and though strange it is the only way.
for grace forgotten bewilders even more,
and is unlikely as a rainbow without hue.
Protect my soul, Lord Christ, when in my mind I stray from you!


karen hopkins said...

thank you for sharing, cate...

Carol Penhorwood said...

Absolutely beautiful, cate! Keep writing!

Carol Penhorwood said...

I enjoyed reading excerpts from "Ashes on the Altar". It was great!

Carol Penhorwood said...
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