Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Praise

As we come and enter the gates with praise and thanksgiving
Lord, we come to worship with hands lifted in the air
Oh Lord, surround us in this place of Worship
Lord, it's to the Throne, we've come to meet with You there

You are Holy, Holy, Holy
Oh God - of all earth, sky and sea
The Awesome King of Glory
Lord God, You came to Love and Redeem

You came so to cover us in Your mercy
Lord, we're covered in Your grace
As Your presence comes to fill us , Holy Spirit
Oh come and surround us in this Holy Place

Yes , we sing praise as we come before You
we come to Worship You, Jesus the King of Kings
We sing praise to the One who sits on the Throne of Glory
O yes, with our voice we come to Jesus, to sing :

Thou art Holy, Holy Holy
Oh God of the Earth, sky and sea
You are the One who Reigns in Glory
Yes, it's God, who sits on the Throne of Majesty

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