Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Answer is Jesus

Jesus, You are the Answer to my life
the One that gives me reason to go on
You are the one that leads in Truth
Lord, You are my morning , and evening song

You teach me how to walk in faith
though , steps might seem to waver , now and then
yet, You are my answer to when life goes awry
Lord, You are my Redeemer , from a life of sin

So I will thank you Lord, for all You've done
for giving me hope to carry on in a world so bleak
and as I see Your ways, instead of my own
Lord, its Your Path , that I will always seek

Yes, I will seek and praise You , yes, my Lord
My heart is filled with songs of praise
and as I follow You , with Your Praise in hand
Lord, its to You, my thanks will be forever raised..

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