Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unending Pain

It's not so difficult to bear pain for an hour,
But pain unending takes a heavy toll,
But God in grace brings comfort in these hours
And peace I find for agony of soul.

I trust my God who with me my pain suffers,
He's made it clear this path is His design,
Through pain I've learned His love cannot be measured
For I have learned contentment in the Vine.

For through the pain He's opened heaven's windows,
I've gained far more than I have truly lost,
For lives have changed--my own and those of others,
New paths have opened due to pain's slight cost.

Were I to choose, still I would walk pain's highway,
For hand in hand My Savior walks with me,
I would not choose the smoothest path without Him
For in this pain His blessing now I see.


Karen said...

Very lovely words. This expresses my feelings about losing my youngest child. I am thankful for the journey because Jesus truly carried us every step of the way. THANK YOU. I am so glad to find your blog!

Carol Penhorwood said...

Karen, I don't know what to say...Losing a child would be the hardest thing of all to endure. What a testimony you must have! Thank you for your comments and God bless you!!