Thursday, November 5, 2009


Cement is very handy, It does all kinds of jobs
Solidifies your buildings and other bits and bobs
It gives a firmer footing , a wall around your place
Cement is truly wonderful, a Godly given brace.

Only if you mix with sand, and gravel for some strength
You get a strong consistency so it will last the length
By joining it with water, the process is complete
Ingredients in harmony, a team that’s hard to beat.

Foundations are important, they have to hold the weight
And God has got the muscles, to hold the building straight
A stream of living water, will make the mixture cure
Hold you upright in the winds, your life will be secure.

So give yourself to Jesus, the mix that is so tough
He has the way to keep you firm, when you are in the rough
The pressures may be mounting, buffeted by the gales
He will keep your building strong, you’ll live to tell the tale.

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